• Q: "How much do you charge for your services?

  • ​A:​  "Due to how much vast differences in what is required to complete each order we do not have an hourly or per job fee. Instead we like to discuss what our clients are looking for and quote a price based on the work it takes to complete their vision, but estimates usually start at around $75."

  • Q: "What radius do you offer your services"

  • A: " We are able to offer services anywhere that it is legal to fly a drone, however the further away the job, the higher the cost to complete"

  • Q: "How do you make sure its safe/legal to fly?"

  • A: "We use dedicated systems like "Air Maps" to check that our flights can be completed in a legal manner. To make sure that we are flying safely we always do an inspection of the property first to make ourselves aware of any hidden dangers that may be difficult to see while flying such as power lines, trees, guide wires, etc.

  • Q: "Your site says you are "Licensed", what license is required to fly a drone"

  • A: "The FAA requires all drone pilots who use their drones in the coarse of business to be licensed under UAS Rule (Part 107), we take it one step further an carry insurance as well."

  • Q: "Can I fly your drone?"

  • A: "Sometimes! We love talking about and educating about drones, so if we have time we love to let our clients take the drones for a spin with our Master & Slave controls."​​



If you have any questions that are not addressed in the FAQ please feel free call or email!